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Digestive System Comments>

comments: I just ordered my 3rd bottle of ALOE M.P. PLUS for my 11 year old daughter. My daughter has been on several diets, food sensitivity diets and supplements, as well as acupuncture. I know we are not out of the woods entirely, but I am hopeful.

If my story helps one person, I will be so thankful to make a positive difference for that person. My main goal in writing this is to encourage others to NOT give up hope. I sincerely believe that the gut simply needs to be rebalanced in terms of its bacterial flora and that diet does play a role, as well as supplements. 

I did research on aloe and its properties and am convinced it has played an important role. The book The Health and Medical Use of Aloe Vera by Lawrence Plaskett,Ph.D is a good resource for more information on the properties of Aloe. ALOE M.P. PLUS has the IASC certification which is reassuring and recommended in the literature on aloe products. Thanks to ALOE M.P. PLUS for providing your product and for the encouragement I needed to keep trying, when things were looking fairly bleak.*

M. Goldstein

St. Louis, MO

Comments: I've been taking ALOE M.P. PLUS about a year now. Of course, I have to watch my nutrition and food intake... and also my environment. Having this product, I feel that I will enjoy a healthy and normal life. ALOE M.P. Plus is such an excellent natural extract for maintenance and preventive purposes. I will remain on this product for the rest of my life. Before, I was taking five to nine capsules..., I'm just taking three daily and everything is great and well. Thanks to those who developed this substance...*


I started doing all the research I could do via the internet. One article I found was written about the effects of Aloe Vera when used with stomach disorders.As I read more I was anxious to try it.

I ran a search on the internet for Aloe Vera capsules. Aloevin Corporation came up and offered a capsule that contained 154 mg. of AMP. That was the highest concentrate I could find at the time. I ordered a bottle immediately. Because I was stationed overseas, it took a couple of week’s to get the package. When it arrived I immediately started taking the capsules based on its recommended dosages. 

I have now been using Aloe M.P. Plus for just under two years. I occasionally even eat the food that I could not eat before. This product has really been a life saver for me. I have even told some of the Doctors that treated me about it and one of them is actually using it now himself and agrees with me about its success. I have friends in the Special Forces community that are also using it for stomach and digestive problems while they are in war torn environments.

Thank you for the relief your product has given me.*


S. Long

I have tried the numerous diets, medications- I have done almost ALL, homeopathic, herbs. 

My mom who has walked with me through this noticed the difference immediately, almost before I did. I also seem to be eating more, I think, which for me is of concern as I am underweight. 

I am grateful SO much for your product to make such a difference in my life. I still have some issues, but this difference has made a drastic improvement upon my day to day living.


Sharon McCaul

MS CCC-SLP (Masters in Speech Language Pathology)


Dear Aloevin Corp.,

NEWS!!!! Glorious news! I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN this summer for variousr issues. I have been on your product since November 2003. I had upper GI X-Rays, CT scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy and blood work done. I just wanted to THANK YOU. I continue to take a maintenance dose of the Aloe M.P. Plus. I want others to know there is help...a more natural, less chemical alternative.

Thank you so much!*

Sharon McCaul


comments:  I found myself wanting a more natural remedy. In my search I came across several companies however only one stood out to me, Aloevin Corporation. I intend to continue taking this product. Thank You Aloevin. Please only use my initials*



I have been using Aloe M.P. Plus for the last 3 years. I am truly impressed with this product.*


comments: I've been taking Aloe M.P. Plus for about 4 years now. After having my first child, I found myself in the bathroom a lot.

My mom started researching on the internet other therapies and ran across this one and we gave it a try. After just a few months I  started using Aloe M.P. exclusively.

I am able to live a completely normal life. I can eat whatever I wish and only have to defecate once a day (regular at that). I'm able to work full-time and raise my daughter (something I couldn't do in the beginning). Thank you Aloe M.P. Plus!*

Laura Hon

Thank you for the Aloe M.P. Plus. 

I look forward to, and enjoy eating which I never could do, all my life before that, it always had made me so violently ill. We thank the Good Lord for His mercy and help to Aloevin to keep supplying this excellent aloe vera product.

I renewed my driving license just a couple of weeks ago, and I hadn't driven for years. I was so severely ill, that it is taking time to get better, but I am getting better beyond all doubt,

Thank you very much for this safe aloe vera product and for continuing to supply it to me, I am very grateful.*

Take care and all the best from Vassie and Gordon Sollaye

comments: Thanks to ALOE M.P. Plus I now feel better than the way I felt 4 years ago... 

I eat like before and I can now sleep full 8hrs at night without waking up to use the toilet. I am so able to reconnect with my life go out and enjoy countless hours with friends. The old me IS BACK and I am LOVING it.

THANK YOU so so MUCH for providing this alternative!!! I thank you and thank Allah for guiding me to you.*

Mohamed Awais

Great Britain

comments:I started taking Aloe M.P. Plus..I'm only sorry I did not find this product sooner. 

It is now my life's goal to tell any and every person I can about this remarkable product. I feel better than I have in three years!! Thank you so much!!*

E. Armstrong

Tupelo, MS

comments: Hi, I would just like to say that my life was just an existence before I discovered your product.

I have been taking AMP now for 2 years and I have my life back again. I even went back to work and can take holidays with my family once again thanks to you.

I really would like the word to get out about your  product, I don't know what I would do without it. 

Thank you so much for your help I wish everyone suffering get to hear about you.*

Kindest Regards, 
J Kelly

Thanks again for your efficient service. Today and tomorrow is moving day for us in our new home and we realized we were almost out of your product and not to mention how exhausted we are. The Gastro Dr. was amazed at his colon on his last colonoscopy and we told him that we were taking your product... He released him until a year. He laughed and said that he takes aloe also himself.

Again thank you for your wonderful product and your efficient follow up

Keep up the good work!*

Earlene Nesselrote

comments: Five years ago I was desperate for my 21 yr. old daughter. I ordered the capsules and they were sent to me in Australia. I was so happy with them... She is now pregnant and I am very happy.*


Copacabana, Australia

comments: I have been on Aloe M.P. Plus for about two days now at age 19. I plan to keep on ordering Aloe M.P. Plus, considering it works so far and is a lot cheaper..*

Ron F.

Alberta, Canada


comments: I wanted to write once again about how good this stuff is. The last time I posted a comment I was only a couple of days into using Aloe M.P. Plus. Now it has been several months... I have tried many natural products, which never seemed to work. I'm very great full to the masterminds behind the creation of Aloe M.P. Plus.*

Ron F.

Dear Aloevin-

I have been an Aloevin customer for several months. Your company literally saved my health! I was buying AMP from another company when all of a sudden I couldn’t reach them and they didn’t let anyone know what was going on. I was running out of product and actually ran out. I need my AMP everyday... I gave up on them and found you on the internet. Your price was lower, which really helps because I am a working girl and I don’t have a large budget. You have proven to be a reliable company to do business with and I appreciate the great customer service I always get. I am staying with Aloevin. Thank you Aloevin!!!*

Karen LoBocchiaro

My name is Corbin and I just wanted to say that this product has been a blessing for me. One day was just web surfing when I found this product. I was skeptical. .. The product is working for me and I am really pleased.*

Corbin B.

As I tried to raise four children, now on my own, I fit in a BA, an MA and a successful career in education all around running to the bathroom.

This is my second time ordering the product and this time I intend to stay on it forever. ...and I trust the company! Thanks to this natural product, I have a new life, my children have thrived and I could finally feel comfortable with my new husband.

With all of my heart, I hope you try it and stop suffering.*


Oceanside, CA

comments: I joined the Navy about 4 or so years ago. I was devastated to leave after only 3 years of service, and after 3 years. My mother had been reading up about Aloe and the success stories that she'd heard about it. I visited this [Aloevin] website to read up for myself and thought, what have I to lose? So I ordered a bottle to see for myself.

The only words I can give to describe are that this product is 'Life Changing'. I've only been using this product for a month and the results are truly amazing!.., and I feel like I've been give a new lease of life again - and at only 25 years old I should have!*

Zoe K. Baker

Hi, I have been taking the capsules for 6 months.

I just wanted to commend you on service and quality of your product. Like many of the people who wrote testimonials on your website, I too was was reaching the point of desperation, but your capsules have worked well and my general well being has improved as a direct result. The delivery also was quick and efficient.

Many thanks,*

Peter Albutt

It helped some.., I'm so glad that I was able to find your company and your great product.

Thanks again,*

Gary Sosnick

I started using Aloe M.P. Plus about a year ago. I am much improved after using these pills. To be honest, I bought these pills because I was desperate; nothing was working anymore. I'm not wealthy and it's hard to find the money for these pills, but your health is more important than anything. I also take high doses of probiotics, but they don't help as much as Aloe M.P. Plus. I know because I recently tried to cut back on my pills and increase the probiotics with dismal results. That's why I just ordered another 6 bottles (best deal around). I'm now sticking to the 9 pills a day as directed.

I lift weights (seriously) but had trouble keeping weight due to my condition. I've put on a lot of weight and look just like I used to; muscular and healthy. There's so many positive aspects of the Aloe plant. I've tried drinking the aloe vera gel and it doesn't come close to the strength of these pills.

Thanks for the great product,*

Matt Wallace

comments: hi--

I just started Aloe M.P. Plus about two weeks ago and must say I am amazed how much better if feel. I just ordered a new bottle and I plan to stay on a limited dose indefinitely in the future. Thank you for your time.*

M. Duffy

In desperation I searched the internet and found Aloe Vera to be the answer. First I bought the cheap version of it, which did not work in the long run. After, I bought this Aloe M.P. Plus and my health improved in general. This is the only medicine I have tried that has worked. 

If anyone would like to discuss my results further I can be contacted by email: [email protected]*

Rosa Del Carmen Garcia

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Aloe MP Plus.  I was afraid to leave home. So, I got online and did research, and I found you. I just placed my third order. It sounds melodramatic, but I can't live without this product. I took my dog out for a 30 minute walk today. *

Katie Richardson

Oxford, MI 

At age 57, I researched everything from natural products. I read the reviews and comparison for various AMP products. Aloe MP Plus seemed the best. 

The first month, I followed the 9 capsule protocol. I started cutting down to between 4 to 6 capsules per day on third month. By the fourth month, I was down to 2 to 4 capsules per day. You will be able to adjust your dosage daily according to your needs. I notice certain foods bring on very slight symptoms and just take more during those times. For the foods that don't affect me, I take less. I did start eating more fiber when the cramps stopped but I do that on and off. I don't find eating more fiber beneficial either. The recommended amounts can seem absurd in practice. Use your common sense. I avoid cereals with high fructose corn syrup. I treat the fiber as something to occasionally clean the intestines and make sure food doesn't sit in there too long. You ultimately have to experiment with protocol that bets suits you. Once you have things under control, You will also be able to figure out what foods bring on the symptoms at this point so nip any flare ups before it becomes a problem.

Unfortunately your average doctors won't tell you about products like Aloe MP Plus. Don't be the average patient who just blindly does what the doctor tells you. The product can be costly to some people in the beginning but just remember the time and costs like gas, copay, prescriptions etc involved in just going to a doctor.*


Fort Pierce, FL


comments: I wanted to write and give my testimonial regarding your product. A friend explained that since they started using AMP capsules.. I decided to do some research on this ingredient and was hesitant to give it a try because of the cost. Then I thought about the other alternative of lost work, etc. Since I am self-employed, none of this was an option. I bit the bullet and went with Aloe M.P. Plus. What a blessing! I thank God that this was brought to my attention. I started out having to use a bottle a month and am now down to 3 capsules a day which means a bottle lasts three months. I am on my fourth bottle and I am thrilled. If you think there is no hope, don't worry, there is! Thank you Aloe M.P. Plus.*



comments: It wasn't until I, as the wife, was tired of seeing my husband in pain that I went on to find Aloevin [Aloe M.P. Plus]. I stumbled across it one day while searching the internet for help. 

Five years have gone by..., Thank you so much for this wonderful, natural capsule. We tell everyone we know that has some type of lower intestinal problem about you. Keep up the good work. 


M. Bogan


comments: I am writing in regards to my husbands health. His favorite food of choice was chicken rice soup everyday. Because he could not digest any foods with seasoning or flavoring, he was strictly on a bland diet.

After much research I decided to try your pills. On May 29th 2005, He received his 1st bottle. I am so happy.. He is now 180 lbs., perfect for his height. He actually had his first piece of pizza 2 months ago after not having it for over a year. I don't know what we would do if we didn't take a chance on these pills. Thank you for the wonderful program that you have available to people like us who We were hopeless in our situation.

Thanks again,*
Maureen and Mike

I searched the net and found reference to Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides which in turn led me to the Aloevin Corporation who produce Aloe MP. Plus. I immediately ordered two bottles at the beginning of the year. I noticed an immediate improvement with my overall wellbeing. I now take a maintenance dose of just 3 capsules a day.

I am now 73 years of age and sail my 21ft cabin cruiser for 3/4 hours several times every week and enjoy life to the full. I have just 
ordered another bottle of Aloe M.P. plus and wouldn't be without it.

Note to thank you for your speedy response to my order placed on the 30th June. Excellent service.* 

Dennis Morgan

Murton. Cumbria. UK

comments:  I was doing research and found your site. I did more research and decided to try the product [Aloe M.P. Plus] as a last resort.  I have been introducing foods I long ago stopped eating..!!!! I still have not eaten strawberries but will try them soon. I ate a flat of strawberries 6 years ago and they started this hole thing. Thanks to the makers of this wonderful product!!!!!*

Age 40

comments:  I religiously take 3 pills a day. 

Thanks for your life support.*


McClean, Virginia

I have been taking Aloe M.P. for the last 6 months. This isn't a quick fix overnight, Take it just as directed and I think you will be very pleased, just like I am.*

G. Akins


comments: When i ordered this last month for my mother I had thought that this is another try in vain.

It would be too early to say but in 2 weeks time my mom's condition has become better. Although she is on non lactose diet and takes great care before also but the bloating feeling was killing her and with frequent bowels. 

I gave her 6 capsules a day.

Thanks that god created Aloe Vera.*

A. Pandey


comments: I just want to tell you that I have been taking the Aloe M.P. Plus for about 3 months and just ordered my second bottle. This is terrific!!!!

...I thought, please tell me there's something out there that will at least stop me from having accidents when it's not convenient!

I'm so thankful I found this site. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product! I can't tell you
how blessed I feel now... I can' say Thank you enough. God Bless You and may you have a very blessed and merry Christmas.*

God Bless,
Billye Robinson, Texas

comments: Aloe M.P. Plus capsules have been of great benefit to me... I would recommend the capsules to other people.*

Ellen Patterson


My daughter was suffering and is lactaid intolerant. Since taking AMP she and watching what she eats, she has her digestive system under control and her quality of life is 100 percent better. It took a few months to get to this point but it is great. No  running to the bathroom, it is now manageable. Thank you so much for this product.

Please continue to make a good product, 

Keep up the good work and God bless you.*

Karen A.

Dear Sir:

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate finding this product, and how much it has helped me. I had checked with my doctor. Before undergoing the tests that he advised, I found your product on the net and decided to try it. outings are now worry free. I can't thank you enough.

N. Malott

Dear Aloevin Corporation: 

I was so tired of "feeling bad" all the time! I decided to get on the computer and surf for some kind of relief and saw your site and copied it and read it thoroughly. I read the testimonials and the facts on your company and decided I would try it, as it was completely safe and would have no side effects! I took the first bottle at 9 pills a day for a long time -  Then I ordered the second bottle and have been taking 3 pills each morning ever since. The result was remarkable! I feel better and have lots of energy... I had great service on my order and, in fact, will order another bottle just as soon as this bottle is about gone. Thank you so very much for your product and I would recommend it to anyone with like problems.*

Sincerely, Carol L.

comments: I wanted to thank Aloevin Corporation.
A recently placed order for my mother, Viorica Ciucurel, in Bucharest Romania, has reached its destination.
My mom was in a pretty bad shape. She feels well and succeeded to gain 1Kg (approx 2lbs).
My mom is 75.

Thank-you again, and you can use us as reference for other people.

Best regards,*

Iris Adanuncio - Florea

Buffalo Grove, IL

I want to say thanks for a product...after suffering for more than 15 years and trying many other products that only helped temporarily. I showed your info page to my Dr. and after a quick glance he proceeded to write a prescription for a well advertised product. I thanked him and said I'd try Aloe M.P. Plus first. What a blessed relief... Thanks again for a great product and I plan to recommend it to all my troubled friends.*

Marion Line

Some one recommended I take Aloe M.P. Plus. I started as described on the label the first day. I have been taking Aloe M.P. Plus for over 1 year now and I can not get over how wonderful I truly feel. I am also a diabetic. I take my sugar level every AM. I have not changed my diet but I do watch my sugar intake.  
Thank you for a wonderful product and I will tell all my friends and family (and doctor) how I have been helped.*
New Jersey

Your product has helped me very much!   It is so wonderful to find something that actually works and also isn't causing other new problems! I will continue to take the Aloe M.P. Plus capsules and am eager to see my next endoscopic exam. Thanks so much...keep up the good work.*

M. H.

West Bloomfield, Michigan


comments: Hello, I would like to sincerely thank you, again, for your incredible product. 

I have been taking Aloe M.P. Plus for about a year now. I just got back from the hospital after undergoing an endoscopic exam on my stomach and esophagus. I had promised in a previous letter that I would email you with the results. Finally, I began using your product exclusively... .I am so grateful to have found your product. Keep up the good work!*

 M. H.

West Bloomfield, MI 

This [Aloe M.P. Plus] is a superlative product, and has greatly helped me...  It is by far the best product to date I have had, and I strongly recommend it. This is head and shoulders the best product I or my doctor/holistic practitioner has ever seen and I believe it has had an extremely positive effect on both my stomach, and being more regular.*

Guy M.

Westchester, NY

Dermatological Comments

comments: HI!! I ordered your product and have been using it for my... I want to thank you all so much.*


comments: In addition to your aloe capsules, I am also using a wonderful cream on my hands that assists in moisturizing (it's called Biolanyn), but I did not use the cream on my feet when I began with the aloe capsules. I cannot do without using Biolanyn on my hands twice/day because of the severe scaling, peeling and splitting, but my feet are a testament to your product and my hands are vastly improved. I anticipate that, after another 6 months, I will be able to reduce the dosage to a maintenance level (I hope). In any case, I consider it a small miracle; nothing else was helping -  Thank you.*


Claudia Y.
SF Bay Area

P.S. Before I started the aloe capsules, my poor feet were so bad that I was embarrassed for them to be seen without stockings. And I kept my fingernails very short with clear polish in order not to draw attention to my hands. Today I have no qualms going barefoot, and my fingernails are once again shaped and painted mauve.*

Customer Service Comments

Gentlemen - Again I thank you for your excellent service. My order arrived on 26th April, in spite of the flight disruption. (2010 Iceland volcano)*

D. Morgan


comments: Thank you so much for this product. It helped me after having some acute stomach problems a couple of years ago and I find that it soothes and relaxes my stomach so much I will use it now just before I go to sleep at night if I have any stomach problems or even just to relax my stomach. 

The personal service the company provides is outstanding- The owners, themselves have been on hand to answer various questions I have had about the product- outstanding product!*

Poughkeepsie, New York

I wish to let everyone know of the fantastic, problem free service I 
received from Aloevin Corp. recently. My son went ahead, without my permission, and ordered the product in Canada... I received excellent customer service from Aloevin Corporation and I want anyone to know that if you try this product - they stand 110% behind their product. The return went smoothly and I even got a call to confirm with me that they received the product and I would be getting a full refund. While I did not try the product at the time, I DO intend to reorder it and try it in the near future when my financial situation gets better.

I have NEVER been so relieved to deal with anyone over the net than I have felt with Aloevin. I am looking SO forward to trying their product because if they are as honest as they were with their no hassle 
return policy then I have NO WORRIES to order product in the future.

If you would like to email me to verify my wonderful experience 
please email me at [email protected]*

Brenda Gaines