Aloe M.P. Plus is now shipping with a much more potent formula. Aloe M.P. Plus now contains almost 2X the amount of polysaccharides, including the long chain polysaccharides.

Advancements in Aloe Vera growing and processing technology have enabled Aloevin Corporation to offer this significant improvement in Aloe M.P. Plus. We are very excited to be able to offer this to our customers without any price increase at this time.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new formula.

Aloevin Corporation 


Joan Relke

Date 5/12/2017

Hello from Canada! I am happy to see that you now ship to Canada! I found out by checking for your product on Amazon. Is there any chance of getting a second international shipping option, whether from your company or from Amazon? The cost of one bottle, including shipping would be $209Canadian, including the $34US ($46CA!) shipping charge because of a 30%+ exchange rate! We frequently make online orders from the US, and over all these years, we always appreciate having a more economical option. We are used to, (and don't mind), the wait. You would have a faithful customer in us! We used Ambrotose for a couple of decades! Appreciatively, Joan Relke

Aloevin Corporation

Date 2/17/2018

Hi Joan, We heard your request and are pleased to inform you that shipping to Canada is now free for any of our multiple bottle item orders. See more details on our "Shipping" page.

Erica Lowry

Date 7/5/2017

Hi, I am looking for an alternative to Desert Harvest Aloe for Interstitial Cystitis. I must take freeze-dried aloe capsules regularly (9 pills a day), and Desert Harvest contains 200 mg of polysaccharides per capsule. How many milligrams of polysaccharides does each capsule contain, in your Aloe M.P. formula? I appreciate your letting me know! Thanks in advance.

Aloevin Corporation

Date 7/7/2017

Hi Erica, Thank you for reading our blog post. Each Aloe M.P. Plus contains 276 mg. of organic Aloe Vera polysaccharides extract. Please see our "Formula" page for more details.

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