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Newsletter, February 2018
Aloe M.P. Plus Newsletter
Aloevin Corporation is very pleased to share with you the recent improvements that we've made to our Aloe M.P. Plus product and services. These changes are designed to further improve the effectiveness of Aloe M.P. Plus in maintaining good digestive and immune system health. Most orders to all locations will now ship FREE!

Aloe M.P. Plus Formula - Higher Organic Content

Newly improved Aloe M.P. Plus now contains rice protein that is certified organic. Now both of the main ingredients, the Aloe Vera polysaccharides extract and the rice protein, are certified organic. The benefits of consuming organically raised products are widely documented to be of higher quality, without the pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We are truly pleased to be able to pass these benefits onto you.

Due to our increased costs for organic formula improvements we have found it necessary to slightly increase the cost of the single bottle item, however, this cost increase is mostly offset by the new free shipping option described below. There are no price increases to our significantly discounted multiple bottle items at this time.


FREE Shipping to All Locations 

Aloe M.P. Plus now ships free to all locations for most order sizes. Regular shipping is free for all order sizes shipped anywhere in the US, UK and EU. Multiple bottle item orders shipped to Canada and all other international destinations also ship free. All shipping methods and carriers remain the same as before.

More Improvements Coming

We hope you are pleased with these recent product and service improvements. We look forward to rolling out additional new improvements to our products and services for you in the next year.

Thank you for your business!

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