Question 1: What is ALOE M.P. PLUS?

Answer: USDA certified organic ALOE M.P. PLUS contains Aloe Vera Polysaccharides, also commonly referred to as Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides (AMP) which is an extract derived from the Aloe Vera Plant specially formulated in high concentration levels and successfully used by many for improved quality of life. It is 100% non-toxic and is safe and effective for men and women of all ages. We know of no adverse side effects from taking ALOE M.P. Plus

ALOE M.P. PLUS is used by many people worldwide to improve their general digestive and immune health. 

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Question 2: What are the contents of the Aloe M.P. Plus formula?

Answer: The Aloe M.P. Plus formula is designed to provide maximum nutritional and health benefit.

Aloe M.P. Plus contains 276 mg. IASC certified Aloe Vera polysaccharide extract in each capsule. Our Aloe Vera extract is certified organic.

We have received requests from those with soy allergies, as well as those with vegetarian, kosher, or other cultural needs requesting vegetable capsule coating. We have acted on those requests by removing all soy from our formula and changing the capsule coating from gelatin to vegetable cellulose. Gelatin is made from animal by-product and is not acceptable to all our customers.

Aloe M.P. Plus also contains 53 mg. of certified organic, pharmaceutical grade and kosher certified rice protein. Nutritious Rice protein is easy to digest and can be tolerated by those with soy allergies.

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Question 3: How does ALOE M.P. PLUS work?

Answer: ALOE M.P. Plus's main ingredient is Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP). Click here to learn more about AMP and Aloe M.P. Plus.

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Question 4: Will ALOE M.P. PLUS work for me?

Answer:  ALOE M.P. PLUS can work for you. While results per individual and condition vary due to many factors, great numbers of our customers have experienced significant positive results, and have repeatedly ordered our product to help them achieve and maintain good health.

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Question 5: Are there any adverse side effects from using ALOE M.P. PLUS?

Answer: There are no known side effects nor adverse long-term effects from using ALOE M.P. PLUS. It is all natural, non-toxic and 100% safe. It does not contain gluten. ALOE M.P. PLUS is safe for men and women, as well as, children. ALOE M.P. PLUS is supplied in capsules for quick and easy consumption and absorption. We know of no adverse reactions when combining Aloe M.P. Plus with other supplements or medications, however, it is always advised to consult one's physician when combining medications and supplements.

Aloe M.P. Plus does contain rice protein and should not be taken if allergic to rice.

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Question 6: How long does it take to see results?

Answer: It may take from several days to several months to see significant results, depending on many factors. We are getting very good feedback from those taking Aloe M.P. Plus with many getting immediate and lifestyle changing results. We do not and can not guarantee these same results for everyone. Everyone is different and may see different results depending on many factors, including their diet and lifestyle. Read our Review and Testimonial Disclaimer.

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Question 7: How long should I take ALOE M.P. PLUS?

Answer: ALOE M.P. PLUS begins to work immediately, usually within 30-45 minutes after consumption. The effects are cumulative, so, it is recommended that you continue using ALOE M.P. PLUS consistently for a minimum of 30 days after reaching the desired results. It is highly recommended that you extend the use of ALOE M.P. PLUS for 6-9 months. It is safe to continue using ALOE M.P. PLUS as long as you would like. Suggested maintenance dosages can be staggered into 30 day segments - 4 times year. This is recommended to help maintain good health. Many of our customers choose to remain at 3 capsules per day indefinitely as part of their overall healthy lifestyle.

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Question 8: How does ALOE M.P. PLUS compare to prescription drugs?

Answer: Unlike many prescription drugs that can have adverse effects, such as liver, kidney and even heart damage with prolonged use, ALOE M.P. PLUS is an all natural dietary supplement, containing organically grown AMP extract, 100% safe, and non-toxic. 

We know of no adverse reactions when combining Aloe M.P. Plus with other supplements or medications, however, it is always advised to consult one's physician when combining medications and supplements.

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Question 9: How long will one bottle last and what are the recommended dosages?

Answer: ALOE M.P. PLUS is supplied in bottles of 270 capsules. This typically provides a 1 to 3 month supply. The normal suggested amount is 9 capsules per day. Read the label and/or insert for more detailed and specific usage instructions.

For patients who have difficulty swallowing capsules, one tablespoon of applesauce, apple juice, or water can be added to an empty bowl and the Aloe M.P. Plus capsules can be opened, and the powder inside the capsule carefully emptied into the liquid. The powder should be mixed and then swallowed immediately. The mixture used should not be hot and should be soft enough to be swallowed without chewing. The mixture should not be chewed. The mixture should not be stored for future use.

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Question 10: What is the concentration of aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP) and Dalton counts in Aloe M.P. Plus?

Answer: Aloe M.P. Plus contains a high level of aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides (AMP).

Each capsule contains 276 mg. of stabilized Aloe Vera polysaccharides extract and 53 mg. of kosher certified rice protein.

The Aloe Vera extract in Aloe M.P. Plus is a proprietary 200X concentration powder. This concentration is a ratio of the total liquid volume to water volume of the raw aloe. For example: via calculation of solids (200 lbs x .5% solids = 1 lb. : reconstitute with 199 lbs water  = 200X concentrate)

Included within that concentrated powdered Aloe Vera extract is the AMP polysaccharides molecule content. Our manufacturing process uses a proprietary process that produces a concentration of the very long chain (heavy weight) polysaccharides. When it comes to health benefits the polysaccharide molecule size absolutely matters. Only the very long chains (1 million to 2 million Daltons) can provide the full benefits of all chain sizes, plus support for the immune system. (The Dalton is a unit of measure used by chemists and physicists for measuring masses of atoms and molecules.)

The AMP in Aloe M.P. Plus is comprised of all Aloe Vera polysaccharides chain sizes, closely matching natural Aloe Vera.

The absolute polysaccharides content in Aloe M.P. Plus is guaranteed to be at least 16%, That is at least 44 mg. of absolute polysaccharides per capsule.

This is 60% or more higher than the total AMP amount found in other 200X aloe capsule products, that typically average 7% to 10% AMP content.

The AMP extract in our product is stabilized, meaning it has a room temperature shelf life of two years.

Specific concentration claims made by others, such as "1000 to 1", can be misleading and confusing. The amount of AMP extracted from raw aloe gel varies widely and depends on many factors, including growing conditions such as harvest season and rainfall amounts.

The most important point to consider when comparing aloe products is the absolute AMP quality and content. One Aloe M.P. Plus capsule contains 276 mg of high quality IASC certified Aloe Vera polysaccharides extract.

The total and absolute polysaccharide content of our extract is at least 16 percent, or 44 mg. in each capsule.

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Question 11: Are all the impurities and irritants removed from Aloe M.P. Plus?

Answer: Yes. The manufacturing process used in the production of Aloe M.P. Plus removes all aloe anthraquinones, including aloin and other impurities, which are naturally occurring irritants Aloe Vera. The industry term for this process is called "decolorization".

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Question 12: What is the process used to make Aloe M.P. Plus?

Answer: The manufacturer of Aloe M.P. Plus involves several major steps, which all take place in less than 48 hours to insure freshness:

  1. 100% Organically grown Aloe Vera plants are harvested and filleted.
  2. The Aloe Vera liquid is extracted.
  3. The raw aloe liquid is purified by passing it through several filter stages, including carbon filtering.
  4. The resulting filtered liquid is then spray dried with proprietary process to capture the maximum amount of Aloe Vera polysaccharides just as nature created them in the Aloe plant itself. Spray drying is the process of mechanically forcing evaporation of water from the liquid concentrated aloe to convert it into a powdered form 
  5. The proprietary process never exceeds 90 degrees F in order to retain a concentration of the naturally occurring polysaccharides chains that are found in the natural Aloe Vera plant.
  6. The concentrated AMP powder is then capsulated and micro verification tested.

Our product is an Aloe Vera AMP extract that more closely matches the natural polysaccharides found in the fresh leaf.

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Question 13: Is Aloe M.P. Plus IASC Certified and what does IASC certification mean?

Answer: Yes, Aloe M.P. Plus is an International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certified product. IASC certified products must meet or exceed the strictest manufacturing standards in order to meet their requirements for consistent aloe freshness, content, purity, and removal of irritants.

The IASC is the only recognized non-profit aloe industry trade organization that monitors, tests, and certifies aloe based products and companies. This includes the full production process, from growing and harvesting to manufacturing and labeling.

Our product is periodically subjected to independent laboratory testing by the IASC, using state of the art methods to certify its aloe content and purity. These methods include proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-NMR).

What this means is that the ingredients listed on our bottle label are certified to be what you are getting inside each capsule, at the highest purity.

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Question 14: Is Aloe M.P. Plus certified by the FDA?

Answer: The FDA does not provide certification for non-prescription supplements such as those containing AMP. We do follow all manufacturing and labeling requirements and guidelines specified by the FDA.

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Question 15: Why does Aloe M.P Plus cost less than comparable brands?

Answer: There are several simple reasons why we at Aloevin®Corporation are able to pass significant cost savings on to you, the consumer. First, our product is manufactured in large volumes for efficiency. Second, we are mainly a Web based business which allows us to maintain a low overhead. These factors allow us to keep our costs low and pass that on to you without any compromise whatsoever on product quality. We are confident that we have the finest quality concentrated aloe product on the market!

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Question 16: Are international orders accepted?

Answer: Yes. Aloe M.P. Plus is not available in any stores. It is available direct from Aloevin Corporation, and can be ordered through our web site, by phone, mail or fax. We do ship internationally at a very reasonable rate. See our order page for more details.

International orders may incur addition taxes and custom duties local to specific countries upon delivery.

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Question 17: Does Aloe M.P. Plus contain any gluten and is it safe for those with Celiac Disease?

Answer: Aloe M.P. Plus contains no glutens and may consumed safely by those with Celiac Disease.

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Question 18: Is Aloe M.P. Plus the same as other products with AMP?

Answer: Click here to see the important advantages Aloe M.P. Plus has over comparable products.

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