ALOE M.P. PLUS: All-Natural Supplement

Available without a prescription, ALOE M.P. PLUS® is a powerful, organic Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides (AMP) based non-toxic supplement. Aloe Vera polysaccharides molecules are the primary ingredient in Aloe M.P. Plus, and are believed to have anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties that may promote general good health.

Aloevin® Corporation, in business for 14 years, continues to bring you best International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certified AMP capsule product available.

Read comments from the many people with serious digestive disorders, immune diseases and many other common ailments who say they experienced dramatic improvements after using our product: Aloe M.P. Plus Customer Success Feedback*

News and Announcements

  • We are pleased to announce the new stronger formula Aloe M.P. Plus, with double the amount of polysaccharides. Learn more here.

  • Please take advantage of our FREE US shipping offer when ordering Aloe M.P. Plus on Amazon.com. Limited time offer for single bottle item. 

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Explore how ALOE M.P. PLUS can lead to a healthier life*

Listen to others describe how Aloe M.P. Plus has helped them.** 

**Individual results do vary. Read our testimonial disclaimer.

Our customers choose ALOE M.P. PLUS for these reasons:

  • Superior formula- 375 mg. highest quality AMP

  • International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certification

  • Gluten free, soy free, L-glutamine free
  • Value - lower cost than comparable brands

  • Proven track record - serving our customers well since 2003

  • Veggie capsules


Aloe M.P. Plus contains NO SOY and NO L-Glutamine

Aloe M.P. Plus now contains 375 mg. of the highest quality AMP extract in each 500 mg. capsule, along with low-allergenic, nutritional, and easy to digest pharmaceutical grade rice protein. There is more good news! The capsule covering is made of smaller, easy to swallow vegetable capsules for the benefit of those with vegetarian, kosher, and cultural needs.

We are aware that other companies claim similar amounts of AMP in their products. Aloe M.P. Plus contains only the highest grade of stabilized and IASC certified AMP extract. There are lower grades of aloe containing much lower and much less costly amounts of AMP, and bulk Aloe Vera solids.

Aloe M.P. Plus meets all FDA manufacturing and labeling requirements. The FDA does not certify non-prescription supplement products, as others may claim.

We stand by our 14 year record of wonderful results and our many worldwide satisfied customers.

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